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The Spanish Pavilion, a jewel of contemporary architecture


Inspired by a greenhouse, Spain Pavilion at Expo Milano 2015 is a double-nave structure representing the fusion of the qualities exported by our country: tradition and innovation.

One of the main objectives for this project set by architecture firm b720, Fermín Vázquez Arquitectos was to create a sustainable pavilion which highlighted environmental efficiency. Built out of recycled and natural materials, the structure is composed of a series of 1.5 m laminated wood porticos, supported by a sequence of irregular prism volumes made of cross-laminated timber. The porticos are separated by transparent polycarbonate panels, acting as a canopy.

Natural ventilation is promoted by a set of ceiling blinds which evacuate heat from the top by convection currents, a very similar mechanism to that of a greenhouse. The depth and distance between the porticos has been carefully calculated to provide a shadow for the semi-exterior areas, thus achieving a significant reduction in energy consumption.

In fact, most of the pavilion is semi-exterior, enabling an optimal use of the natural environmental conditions. The only space that has been deliberately designed as interior and closed is the main exhibition area. The remaining spaces enjoy perfect natural lighting conditions thanks to the transparent and translucent closings, which maximise the use of daylight for most activities.

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