Sagardi Milan
Gastro Bar and Terrace bar

The tapas bar welcomes us onto the outdoor terrace of the Pavilion, where we can alternate between a good glass of wine and some small plates, or just a beer or glass of Sherry and a dish of Iberian ham from Extremadura. A terrace with the smell of the sea, laughter, funny stories… The entrance to Bar de Tapas is relaxed, with the soul of the almadraba.

Inside, the energy, flavors and smells of a gastropub. The bar, an essential part of Spanish culture, accompanies us on the introductory tour of popular cuisine. “Pintxos donostiarras”, cold cuts, cheeses, salted and pickled products, haute cuisine in miniature… the world famous finger food that has made us the destination of choice for millions of visitors.

The charcoal grill is the other star at Bar de Tapas, a highly visual piece that accompanies us on the transition between the boisterous bar and the Bar de Tapas dining room, with its tables for sharing small plates, tapas or produce from the grill.

PLACE: Spanish Pavilion - lOTE-s29
HOURS: 10.00 - 23.00 H