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Gastronomic routes


Between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea extends an explosion of flavors that make up a route of pure pleasure in the Spanish culinary universe. Products with the character of a country marked by the many culinary cultures that comprise it. Diversity and exquisiteness in each bite, mildness and delicateness in each sip, an inexhaustible source of pleasure that millions of tourists enjoy each year.


Following is a selection of some of the most noteworthy products from the two seas that bathe Spain, from the coasts of the peninsula to the Canary and Balearic islands.


Mermelada de Arándano - Lorusso y Saez
Navazos Niepoort - Vilaviniteca
Manzanilla - Elías González Guzman
Jamón Ibérico - Cinco Jotas
Pimentón de la Vera - José Luis Mateos
Mojo Suave - Virginias
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